Anthony’s wholesale division is the heart of our seafood operation. Here we purchase the seafood for our retail store, our restaurant, and service the needs of other locally operated restaurants. With over 20 years in operation and more than 30 years ownership experience, our network for supplying quality seafood has never been better. Our wholesale operation acquires the freshest seafood from a multitude of distributors throughout the New Bedford, Fairhaven and Boston markets. We process at our Middletown location, fresh seafood from the east coast and high end fresh products from the west coast, including Halibut and Wild Salmon. All raw fin-fish are cut and packaged in a hygienic manner, then quickly cooled and stored to preserve the utmost quality. The wholesale division is also responsible for acquiring all of our frozen items. Today there are increased seafood offerings in the frozen market that ensure high quality, stability, and an even wider selection to accommodate any menu. To our local restaurants and summertime yacht chefs, this means a diverse spectrum of quality, choice, and efficiency.

We offer delivery of our entire product lines, fresh and frozen, to our local accounts 2-4 times daily. We also work with our seasonal accounts to provide quick and efficient delivery. In addition to the product lists provided on our website, we will seek any requested specialty items with short term notice (24-48 hours). At Anthony’s, our wholesale is run with the customer in mind!

Call in: Service hours daily from 10:00AM to 5:00PM

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